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British Postmarks
The Largest Database of British Postmarks on the net

The entire database contains 21026 places or variations of which 17653 have pictures - (about 83.96 percent) See full database stats

There are 18206 British Postmarks listed with 15789 illustrated - (about 86.72 percent), this includes 1043 British special event Postmarks. There are also 158 pictures of Post Office buildings linked to offices
Click on the camera icon in the results list to see a larger scan - these all expand on the page. Multiple images can be opened at the same time to compare types
Have you got one of these postmarks? There are still  3460  British places listed that require an illustration.
View the most recent additions to the database - (We average about 87 items a week)

We are updating the search option to allow counties. To see how these will be assigned, click the camera icon () to view the map

To search the database for place names use this option

If searching the British or Australian postmarks, a 2nd table will be shown at the end with any foreign cancellations recorded as used on these stamps.

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Special postmarks

This is used for special event, First day of Issue, censor marks, forwarding agents etc, etc

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British Squared Circle postmarks
Telegraph marks including those that use telegraph codes
British Self-Inking postmarks
Additional details on the slogan postmarks of Great Britain  :
List of abbreviations used on British postmarks  :
Multi Search

This is used to search the main index with two items for hard to locate postmarks

Enter a search string in both boxes
If the lower box is not entered it will defalt to the letter A

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Search the notes section

If you are looking for the numerical cancellation for a particular office, enter the name in here.
This is also useful for searching terms such as telegraph, diamond etc, etc
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Search for items that begin with ...

If you are looking for an office where the start of the name is known, enter the name in here.
This is also useful for searching for all places that begin with a certain letter or cobination of letters as well as the numericial cancellations such as (10) etc, etc
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Machine slogan search

If you are looking for a machine roller that had a slogan section enter the details here. This is usful for the telephone, Christmas, war bonds, post early slogans etc, etc
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Search the date stamp impressions book from the archives

These books have a sample impressions along with some additional information
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Search by year of use

This will return all the operational postmarks that were in use in a given year
Special postmarks are not included in this search
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Search for places with a picture of the office

This will show only those places that have a picture of the office
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Pictures / Scans

      If any user has a scan of a postmark that is not shown in this database, a better scan of one that is already shown or a variation that they feel should be listed then we would be grateful for a copy and details so that the information presented here can be brought up to date. All scans can be credited to the person should this be required and requested at the time. To send details please use the email address

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