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**            Tallan Rail is for the restoration or conversion of railway coaches and wagons to get them back in to regular use            **            Donations can be made via this website            **            All shareholders can view their share allocation by logging in to the members area            **            A list of all shareholders can viewed online            **

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With links to dated pages to show the progress of the work

           Tallan Rail was formed with the main intention to allow for the purchace and restoration or conversion of wagons and coaches, to bring them back in to working order.

           By working together, we intend to strengthen the bond between the ourselves, the resident railway and the public whilst providing a service as well as a memorable experience.
           If you are intrested in supporting this project we would welcome donations

           In addition to details of carriages in our projects list, we also provide technical pages for those involved in the restoration or conversion of railway carriages. As we expand this area, we hope to include details that relate not only to specific projects that we have been involved in, but also to railway restoration in general. This information will be presented as detailed specification pages, PDF documents and pictures to allow for all the details to be located as easily as possible.

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